What Alarm System Works with Google Home: Check Here!

Numerous smart home security systems now support Google Home integration as they grow in popularity. By combining voice commands with Google Assistant, these alarm systems offer a seamless and practical way to manage and keep an eye on your home security. Integrating an alarm system with Google Home offers several functions and functionalities. With just a few voice queries, you can arm or disarm your security system, get real-time notifications and alerts, and even manage other smart home devices. But what alarm system works with Google Home?

Many alarm system companies are compatible with Google Home, including Nest Secure, SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, ADT Pulse, and Honeywell Home Security. It’s crucial to do your homework and pick the system that best meets your demands because each approach may have features and compatibility requirements.

Read with us until the end to discover what alarm system works with Google Home.

What Alarm System Works with Google Home 

Using a Google Home-compatible alarm system takes advantage of voice control and smart home automation to increase the comfort and security of your residence. These alarm systems provide a contemporary and integrated solution for your home tech system and security needs, whether you want to monitor your property, guard against intruders, or have peace of mind.

Check the list below to find out what alarm system works with Google Home.

1-Nest Secure

Nest Secure is a capable home security system created to offer total home protection. It is a capable home security system that offers total home protection. Below is a more thorough explanation of Nest Secure:


The Nest Secure system has several parts that work together to protect your house. It has sensors for doors and windows, a base station that serves as the system’s command center, and a keypad for arming and turning off the system. Alarms will go off when these detectors detect any unwelcome entry or motion.

Connecting to Google Home

The seamless integration of Google Home and Nest Secure is a design goal for both products. Using Google Assistant-enabled devices, you can use this integration to voice-command your security system. Quickly arm, disarm, check system status, and receive alerts using voice control or the Google Home app.

Alerts and Monitoring On-the-Go

Every time an event is recognized, such as a door opening or an alarm going off, Nest Secure offers mobile alerts, which deliver messages to your smartphone. Nest app enables remote security system monitoring, ensuring peace of mind and remote access.

Integration of Smart Homes 

Nest Secure connects with other smart home gadgets and has security features. You can control compatible smart devices, such as lights, locks, and thermostats, using the Google Home app or voice commands through Google Assistant. You can do this to improve your home’s overall usefulness and convenience by setting up automation programs.

Professional Monitoring (Optional)

Through Nest Secure Monitoring, Nest Secure provides an optional professional monitoring solution. Service connects security system to reputable monitoring station for emergency services. Knowing that someone is watching your home is an excellent feeling of relief.

Nest Secure integrates smart home, voice control, and security. It’s a complete system that gives you piece of mind and aids in keeping your house safe.


A well-known home security system called SimpliSafe allows for Google Home integrations. This explains how to connect your SimpliSafe to your Google Home.

Connecting to Google Home

SimpliSafe integrates with Google Home for voice commands, sensor monitoring, and alerts.

Voice Command

Use voice requests using Google Assistant to carry out actions like arming or turning off the system, monitoring sensor statuses, or receiving real-time notifications about security occurrences.

The SimpliSafe App

SimpliSafe provides both voice control and a specific mobile app in addition to voice control. Manage and monitor security systems on smartphones/tablets with SimpliSafe app, changing settings, and receiving alerts. Along with the Google Home integration, this app is a central point for managing your security system.

Features of Comprehensive Security

Various security elements and features are available from SimpliSafe, such as video doorbell cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and door/window sensors. Together, these gadgets monitor your house and notify you of potential security breaches.

3-Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm is a self-installed home security system for Google Home with voice controls, rapid alerts, and sensor monitoring.

Household Security Initiatives

An all-encompassing home security system that you can install yourself is Ring Alarm. It provides various security tools, including motion sensors, door/window sensors, and a base station to keep an eye on and protect your house from intruders.

Connecting to Google Home 

Google Home enables Ring Alarm system arming/disarming via smart speakers.

Convenience and Voice Commands 

Saying things like “Hey Google, arm Ring Alarm” or “Hey Google, is the front door sensor active?” are a couple of voice commands you can employ. This hands-free control makes managing your home security more practical and accessible.

Integration of Smart Homes 

Ring Alarm seamlessly connects with other Ring devices and compatible smart home gadgets in addition to its security capabilities. You can use voice commands to automate routines and manage many house components through Google Home, including lights and door locks.

Monitoring and the Ring App 

Ring Alarm offers a simple mobile app to control your security system, alter settings, and see activity logs. For additional piece of mind, Ring also provides supplemental professional monitoring services. The monitoring station can contact emergency services on your behalf if an alert is activated.

Integration enables quick communication with Ring Alarm, safeguarding home and ensuring peace of mind.

what alarm system works with google home

4-ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse integrates with Google Home for professional security control.

Professional Security Monitoring

ADT provides a variety of security tools, including sensors, cameras, and a central hub that communicates with a specialized monitoring facility.

Connecting to Google Home

For simple voice commands, monitoring, and security activities, connect your ADT Pulse system to Google Home.

Convenience and Voice Commands

Saying “Hey Google,” for instance, “arm ADT Pulse in Stay mode” or “Hey Google, is the front door secure.

ADT Pulse Monitoring and App

You may remotely operate and monitor your security system using ADT Pulse’s exclusive mobile app. The software includes functions including real-time camera feeds, incident history, and configuration customization. ADT Pulse also offers expert monitoring services, where qualified specialists can watch over your system and call for help if necessary.

Reminders and Alerts

In-the-moment alerts provide security information, system modifications, and reminders for home security. ADT Pulse system operates and monitors with voice commands and Google Assistant integration.

5-Honeywell Home Security

what alarm system works with google home

Connect Honeywell security system to Google Home for alarm control, sensor monitoring, and security tasks.

Various Security System Types

A wide variety of home security systems are available from Honeywell, including alarm panels, sensors, cameras, and more. These systems are made to offer total home security, enabling you to deter invasions and keep an eye on your property.

Connecting to Google Home 

Honeywell Home Security systems integrate with Google Assistant. Thanks to this connection, you may quickly arm or disarm your system, check the condition of your sensors, and carry out other security-related tasks.

Voice Control and Commands 

Honeywell Home Security system uses natural language voice commands. You can ask Google questions like “Hey Google, arm Honeywell Security in Stay mode” or “Hey Google, is the front door sensor triggered? This voice control function makes operating your home security convenient and simple.

Automation for Smart Homes 

This enables you to set up personalized routines that are activated when you arm or disarm your security and perform tasks like adjusting the thermostat, turning on the lights, or unlocking doors.

Home App by Honeywell

The Honeywell Home app, a specialist mobile app from Honeywell, allows you to manage and monitor your security system remotely. Honeywell Home Security integrates with Google Home for seamless voice control and integration. Simple, convenient home security solution offers safety and assurance.

6-Wyze Home Security

Wyze offers affordable smart home appliances with Google Home integration. This is a budget-friendly smart home security. Wyze is renowned for its feature-rich and reasonably priced smart home products.

Connecting to Google Home

Wyze integrates with Google Home for easy alarm system management, alerts, and sensor condition checking.

Voice Control and Commands

You can ask Google questions like “Hey Google, arm Wyze Security system” or “Hey Google, is the living room sensor triggered.

Real-time Warnings

This guarantees that you keep informed so that you can respond appropriately when required.

Monitoring with the Wyze App

You may remote manage and keep an eye on your home security system using Wyze’s specialized mobile software, the Wyze app. You may monitor live camera feeds, examine event history, and modify settings in the app. To further increase security, Wyze also provides a range of expert monitoring options. Google Assistant enhances home security accessibility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness.


Flexible Home Security Abode offers whole home security and is a highly feature-rich, configurable home security system. It has a variety of security tools like door/window sensors, motion detectors, cameras, and a central hub to keep an eye on and protect your property.

Google Home Integration

Abode’s Google Assistant integration enables voice-controlled security system control.

Control and Voice Commands 

Google Home enables voice commands for the Abode security system. For example, “Hey Google, arm Abode in Away mode” or “Hey Google, is the front door sensor secure?” This hands-free remote makes it easier and more convenient to manage your home security.

Automated Smart Homes 

Security is just one aspect of Abode’s Google Home compatibility. Program Google Assistant integration with Abode system for smart home communication. Arm Abode system, program smart lights and thermostat routine.

Monitoring and the Abode App 

The app offers access to event history, live camera feeds, and configuration customization. To ensure that your house is watched over constantly, Abode also provides optional expert monitoring services.

what alarm system works with google home


Vivint, a renowned smart home security provider, lacks a direct interface with Google Home as of September 2021. However, they offer the “Vivint Smart Assistant” speech control system, allowing voice commands to control their security system. For the latest information on Vivint’s compatibility with Google Home and other voice assistants, contact them directly or visit their website.

Complete Smart Home Security  

A wide selection of smart home security goods and services are available from Vivint to safeguard your house. Typical components of their systems include cameras, smoke detectors, motion sensors, door/window sensors, and a central hub that links and manages these devices.

Including Home Automation

Automate lighting, thermostats, locks, and other home appliances with integrated systems for seamless integration with smart home gadgets.

Smart Assistant by Vivint

The “Vivint Smart Assistant” feature from Vivint allows consumers to utilize voice commands to control their Vivint security system and other compatible smart devices. Beyond my September 2021 information cutoff, I’m not aware of any specifics, although Vivint Smart Assistant was created to offer voice control capabilities within the Vivint ecosystem.

Remote Access and Mobile Apps 

You can remotely monitor and manage your security system and linked smart devices using Vivint’s mobile app. You can use the app to activate or disarm your system, view live camera feeds, receive alerts, and change a variety of settings all from your tablet or smartphone.

Professional Monitoring

Vivint provides a variety of professional monitoring options. An extra layer of protection and peace of mind is offered when the alarm is set off since qualified specialists can evaluate the situation and, if necessary, call for emergency services.


Cove is a home security company that specializes in providing wireless security systems and monitoring services. Here’s some more information about Cove:

Wireless Security Systems

Their systems include a variety of security devices such as door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break detectors, and keychain remotes. These devices work together to monitor your home for potential intrusions and security breaches.

DIY Installation

Cove’s security systems are designed for do-it-yourself installation, allowing homeowners to set up their systems without the need for professional assistance. The components are typically pre-programmed and can be easily mounted or placed in the desired locations.

Cove Monitoring Services

Cove provides optional professional monitoring services for an additional layer of security. When an alarm is triggered, Cove’s monitoring center receives the signal and can take appropriate action, such as notifying you, contacting emergency services, or dispatching help if necessary.

Cove Mobile App

Through the app, you can arm or disarm your system, view the status of sensors, receive alerts and notifications, and even access live camera feeds if you have video surveillance integrated with your Cove system.

Cove Equipment and Packages

Cove offers various equipment packages to suit different home security needs. These packages may include a combination of sensors, control panels, key fobs, and additional accessories based on your chosen package and customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Google Home’s security features work?

A: Thanks to their collaboration, you can use Google Home to voice-control your security system. You can also view the security system’s sensors, cameras, and live feeds.

Q: Can Google Home be used for security?

A: Google Home can be used for security. You may use Google Assistant to control any security system that is compatible with Google Assistant, including those made by SimpliSafe, Cove, Vivint, Brinks, Scout, and others.

Q: Can Google Home be used to set alarms?

A: There are four different alarm types available on Google Home: general, media, character, and sunrise alarms. While you can set the alarm on the Google Nest display, all it takes is a single voice command to set an alarm on Google Home for a certain song. However, the Google Nest display is the only way to alter the system’s default alarm.

Q: Are Ring and Google Home compatible?

A: You can use voice commands to check who is at your door, watch live video feeds, and even manage other smart home devices by connecting your Ring Doorbell to Google Home.

Q: Are there any security alarms on Google Nest?

A: The Google Nest Guard will play its 85 dB siren for ten minutes during a security alarm and periodically indicate what and where the alarm was set off. Even if you’re not at home, you can still be informed by receiving a notice on your phone.

Final Thoughts

Google Home integrates alarm systems for seamless voice management. These alarm systems come with capabilities like arming and disarming the system, monitoring sensor statuses, getting real-time alerts and messages, and even integrating with other smart home appliances for full house automation.

Google house simplifies home security management and control. With voice controls and Google Assistant integration, selecting the right alarm system is crucial for a seamless smart home experience. Alarm system integration with Google Home offers modern, user-friendly home security with voice monitoring.

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