PS5 too Hot? Possible Causes and How to Fix Them!

Is your ps5 too hot? Although consoles warm up when used for prolonged periods, they shouldn’t get too hot. So, if your PlayStation 5 is malfunctioning out of the blue, you might have overheating issues on hand.

But before sending your ps5 for inspection and repair, it pays to know the cause behind it becoming too hot. With this, you might address the problems yourself or stop them from reappearing!

How to Know When PS5 Is Overheating?

ps5 and controller

The PlayStation 5 warms up as you use it, but it should be able to keep its temperature in check.

But despite its advanced cooling system, overheating can still happen in a ps5. And when it becomes too much for the console to handle, it’ll display an error message saying, “ps5 is too hot.”

Its systems will then instruct you to turn it off and let it cool down. And though addressing overheating issues is simple, it’s better not to let your ps5 become too hot. After all, it can hinder its performance and damage the device until it doesn’t work anymore!

Knowing when your ps5 is overheating is crucial as it lets you address the situation fast. Here’s an overview of the potential symptoms your ps5 may show when it becomes too hot:

  • The ps5 reveals an official error message that says, “your ps5 is too hot. Please turn off the device.”
  • Its built-in fans become louder out of nowhere.
  • The ps5 shuts down without warning.
  • A terrible gaming experience due to stutter and a low frame rate. 
  • The ps5’s system may display glitches. And these may include showing random small dots on the screen or flashing solid colors.
  • It displays instability, mainly during high graphic games. 
  • The ps5 crashes often.

Aside from those, it’s crucial to remember that symptoms like glitches may indicate other heat-related problems affecting specific parts that aren’t user-serviceable. So, if you’re experiencing such issues, get a professional to check your console fast!

Also, even if your ps5 is under warranty, I don’t recommend tinkering with the system! So, please don’t do it unless you have experience working with PlayStation consoles. Instead, bring your ps5 to a certified technician for inspection and repair.

Removing the ps5’s outer cover or opening its SSD expansion bay doesn’t count! It doesn’t constitute opening the ps5’s system since they’re for users to perform.

PS5 too Hot? 8 Possible Causes + Fixes

ps5 too hot (infographic)

? Prolonged Use of the Ps5

The most common cause of a ps5 becoming too hot is extensive use. Continually using the console for an extended period can cause it to heat up. And this can be accidental or intentional. Either way, the best thing to do for this overheating problem is to turn off the system altogether. 

Also, don’t forget to remove all attached cables, including the HDMI, to ensure it’s 100% off. Once you’ve removed everything, leave your ps5 for a few hours until its temperatures go down. And after the allotted time, plug in all its cables and turn it on.

By this time, the overheating issue should be gone. And though it boasts a simple fix, it’s not ideal for your ps5 to work for long periods at a time. I recommend limiting your usage and not playing games on the console for extensive hours. Most importantly, always turn off the system when you’ve finished playing.

? Poor Ventilation Surrounding the Console

Ambient temperatures will rise if the ps5’s parts emit heat into an enclosed area. And if its case doesn’t get proper ventilation, the hot air can cause the console to become too hot. As a result, the ps5 may display poor performance or shut down the device altogether.

So, you can see why airflow and ventilation are crucial for ps5 systems. You must ensure that you set your console in a proper spot with ample ventilation, airflow, and space. Trust me. Once you’ve provided enough space, you’ll see the overheating problem disappear fast!

I recommend placing your ps5 in an open area, like on top of a desk, instead of inside a cabinet. Although the exposure may lead to dust build-up, it guarantees proper ventilation. 

Aside from that, I also recommend you avoid running your ps5 on soft surfaces. Placing the console on carpeted surfaces blocks its vents, causing fast heat build-up! And there’s plenty of dust, pet dander, and other debris on carpets. So, even if they look clean, don’t risk it! After all, the system will likely suck in these tiny particles and cause problems.

It’s best to put your ps5 on hard surfaces like shelves, desks, or TV stands for better ventilation.

? Fluctuating Room Temperature

The room temperature also impacts the ps5’s internal workings. Generally, the higher it is (at least over 80°F or27°C), can affect the console’s performance. At that point, your ps5’s internal heat continually increases, risking it overheating. 

So, it’s best to check whether your room temperature is at normal levels or not. But if you think it isn’t normal, turn on your fans, air conditioner, cooler, or anything that can lower it. Either way, only use your ps5 until the room temperature returns to its original state. And with this, you can guarantee your console to work again!

? Dusty Components

Excess dust accumulation can affect your ps5’s performance due to two reasons:

The excess dust build-up forces the ps5’s components to keep more heat than they can handle. As a result, its internal fans can’t dissipate heat, impacting the system’s efficiency.

Another reason why dust accumulation can make your ps5 overheat is that dust is an insulator. As a result, its internal components can start dissipating heat over time! 

As non-threatening as dust might seem, it’s a massive factor in a ps5 overheating. So, you can see why cleaning and keeping your console dust-free is vital for its performance. 

Remember, any digital system cooled by fans will have dust and lint build-up over time. So, there’s no shame with your ps5 gathering all sorts of debris. But dust build-up in PlayStation’s latest console can be unlikely. After all, the ps5 has specialized ports where users can vacuum all debris within the console.

Vacuuming these ports is simple; you must remove the ps5’s side covers and return to work. Once the debris clears up, slide the side covers back, turn on your ps5 and see if it runs better. If not, you may want to remove the remaining dust with a can of compressed air. It helps blow out the debris clinging to the fan via the event. 

But be cautious when using the can, as the compressed air may lead to condensation! And this can cause worse issues to your ps5’s system.

If you don’t want to risk damaging your ps5’s system but still want a thorough clean, you can remove the fans. All you must do is disconnect its power cable and a few screws.

However, as tempting as it is to resolve the overheating issues caused by dust accumulation, I don’t recommend opening your ps5. I’m only suggesting you clean the exhaust fan area by operating your ps5’s outer case. 

? Background Updates

Overheating can also come from an internal issue in your ps5. So, check if there’s any update at the back as this forces the console to use more resources. As a result, the ps5 uses more power than usual, emitting more heat! You can see why the console can begin overheating and crashing out of nowhere.

I recommend checking if there are updates on your ps5’s software, theme, or games in the background. And if necessary, stop them so you can continue using your ps5 without it becoming too hot. You can continue the update once you’ve finished playing or not using the console.

? Outdated OS and Data Usage

Another internal issue that might be causing your ps5 to become too hot is an outdated OS. Although it updates whenever Sony releases one, sometimes, it doesn’t always go through. Whether from a bad internet connection or technical problems, there might be times you need to update your ps5 yourself. 

So, if you don’t know how to update your ps5 manually, learn how to do it now! Here’s a brief overview on updating the PlayStation 5 yourself:

  1. Go to your ps5’s “Settings” tab and check if updates are available. 
  2. If there’s an update available, go to your ps5’s “System” tab and click on “System Software.”
  3. From there, you should see a dedicated section for updates. So, go over to “System Software Update and Settings.”
  4. Once you see that, click “Update System Software Using Internet.”
  5. Wait until the update finishes before using the console again.

Aside from an outdated OS, excess data use can also be an internal issue in your ps5, causing overheating. If that’s the case, perform a database rebuild on your ps5. Generally, this can take a few minutes or a couple of hours. It depends on how packed the system is!

Rebuilding the database lets you organize the hard drive, allowing your system to access files faster and easier. Aside from that, this can help you resolve the overheating issues and abrupt shutdowns! 

So, if you’ve updated your ps5’s OS and it’s still overheating, try rebuilding its database:

  1. Please turn off your ps5 and press and hold the power button for a few seconds once it shuts.
  2. After 5 to 7 seconds, connect your controller to the ps5.
  3. Go to “Safe Mode,” click on “Rebuild Database,” and wait for it to finish.

I recommend waiting for a couple of minutes after the rebuilding before you turn on your ps5.

? Fluctuating Power Supply

The problem might be your power supply if none of the causes links with your ps5’s overheating issues. A fluctuating electric current can also cause your ps5 to fluctuate and become too hot. And worst case scenario, your ps5 may shut down out of nowhere! 

I recommend checking to see if your ps5 fan is still spinning. A fluctuating power supply can affect it, sometimes wholly halting it. And it can be challenging to tell if the fan’s still spinning since the ps5 is a noise-free console. 

If your ps5’s console stops working, it’s only natural to become too hot and overheat! After all, without the fan cooling the system by pushing air out, your ps5 still shuts down fast as it reaches its failsafe temperature.

You can check if the console’s fan is still running by booting up a game with all sounds muted. Keep your ear close to your ps5; there should be the faintest sound of circulating air. 

If you can’t hear anything, hold your hand nearby the ps5’s air vents at the top and check for air. And if you don’t hear or feel anything from your ps5, its fan likely stopped working.

? Expanded SSD

Finally, an over-expanded SSD storage might be causing your ps5 to overheat. It’s a particular case for users with expanded SSDs via its special expansion slot, and it doesn’t happen to most. Should your SSD overheat, it’ll slow down to compensate for the heat, resulting in more extended loading screens and stuttery asset streaming. 

But remember, Sony requires users that their SSD come with a heat sink attached. Most SSDs have pre-installed heatsinks, but if yours doesn’t have one, you must DIY. Luckily, it’s easy and as simple as purchasing a heat sink and sticking it onto the drive’s memory chips.

If none of the fixes worked for your ps5, your last resort would be to contact the ps5 support team. Please consult an expert and ask them about the overheating issue. After, they’ll likely suggest you go to a nearby Sony service center for a quick inspection and repair.

Additional Fixes to Address an Overheating PS5

play station 5 lied down with upright controller

If your ps5 is still hot, try the following fixes to address the overheating:

Follow the “General Rule” of Using a Ps5 

Remember, intense use and a lack of ventilation render any PlayStation 5 hot! So, ensure your ps5 is under the right conditions to stop it from overheating. And yes, it’s time to remove your ps5 from the sofa and carpet.

Aside from the lack of ventilation, these areas can quickly dirty the built-in fan! So, always place your ps5 on a clean, stiff, cold surface like a wooden or marble desk.

Keep the Ps5 Vents Open 

Closing your console’s vents with other items can hinder proper airflow. Remember, your ps5 needs ample breathing space, so never put it in enclosed spaces like a cabinet. And never use a vacuum when cleaning the vents! It can damage the built-in fan as it creates an electrical field.

You can remove the build-up in your ps5’s vents with a can of compressed air instead.

Limit Your Usage

Playing high-demand games for an extended period can cause your ps5 to become too hot. And the rise in wattage can also affect the console’s temperature, so keep it simple and limit your usage.

If your ps5’s setup is ideal and it’s still too hot, you only have two choices left. Either your ps5 has severe internal hardware damage or has excess dust build-up inside the system.

How to Prevent PS5 from Becoming too Hot?

ps5 controller

✅ Maintain Your Ps5’s Distance

Ensure to place your ps5 in an area where air can flow well from all sides. Generally, your console should be at least 10 centimeters or 4 inches from the wall. Doing this guarantees ample ventilation, preventing your ps5 from becoming too hot!

✅ Stay Away from the Fibers

Fibrous materials can’t circulate heat well, causing overheating issues. So, avoid placing your ps5 on a carpet, rug, or mat with extensive fibers. These can raise your ps5’s temperatures to dangerous levels over time.

 Instead, place your ps5 on marble, stone, or wooden surface. These are cool and don’t restrict ventilation, which we all know is vital in keeping consoles cool! Also, it doesn’t matter if you set your ps5 horizontally or vertically as long as its base is above ground with the vents pointing back.

Aside from that, I recommend avoiding covering your ps5. No matter how thin the cloth or cover is, it halts air from circulating through its vents.

✅ Embrace an Open Space

Since our PlayStation 5s need proper ventilation, it only makes sense to place them in an open space to prevent them from overheating. 

Never place your ps5 in an enclosed, cramped, or narrow space!

✅ Regularly Clean Your Ps5 

Protect your ps5 from excess dust build-up upon its vents, which can cause it to become too hot. I recommend using an air duster, vacuum, or can of compressed air to clear your ps5 from any debris. Either way, do this often to prevent your ps5 from overheating. 

✅ Stay Updated

Surprisingly, even internal issues can cause a ps5 to become too hot. Older games can have problems that might lead to overheating. So, guarantee everything in your ps5 is up-to-date and is in its latest versions. And yes, that includes games!

You can check game updates by hovering over the title and pressing the options tab. From there, you should see an option for checking for updates.

Once updated, it also pays to check out your ps5’s OS. As mentioned earlier, an outdated OS can force your system to become too hot. 

✅ Pay Attention to the Resolution

Finally, your ps5 might be running on a too-high of a resolution, forcing its system to work more. So, playing on 1080p quality on a 4k television isn’t something you’d want to happen. But it helps you see if it’s contributing to your ps5 overheating.

I recommend downgrading the resolution to at least 2k and switching to 1080p to check if your ps5 still becomes too hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean when my ps5 keeps indicating it’s too hot?

A: The PlayStation 5 warms up as you play over time, and when it overheats, it displays a message “too hot.” Although the latest console has a high-performing cooling system, it can still overheat. And this can happen for several reasons, ranging from a strained PSU to clogged vents.

Q: Can a ps5 overheat quickly and easily?

A: Despite Sony’s latest console, the ps5 still faces overheating problems. And anyone who owns the current-generation PlayStation console can experience it! So, to avoid overheating your ps5, limit your usage and ensure its cooling system is working. If you spot an issue that might be causing the overheating, have your ps5 checked by a professional ASAP!

Q: How long can I play with my ps5 before it gets too hot?

A: As long as there’s ample ventilation around your ps5, you can use it for a few days at a time before it overheats. But to be safe, limit continuous usage of your PlayStation within 24 hours. And if you want to prolong your sessions, ensure its cooling system works. 

Q: What will happen to my ps5 once it gets too hot?

A: Once your ps5 overheats, its system might throttle the CPU and GPU speed to lower its temperature. And when this happens, expect your game to crash, loading screens to take longer, and frame drops. Worst case scenario, your PlayStation can freeze and malfunction altogether. 

Q: How can I stop my ps5 from becoming too hot?

A: Always have your ps5 in a well-ventilated room to stop it from overheating. Aside from that, double-check its cooling systems before usage to ensure they’re working. And if you’re going to put the PlayStation in an enclosed space, store it vertically. That way, the built-in cooling fans will be more efficient in keeping the console cool.

Final Words

Although this post answers “why is your ps5 too hot?” it can also work on older models, like the ps4. Aside from that, you can also apply the causes and fixes to other consoles, such as the Xbox. Either way, determining the reason behind the overheating can help protect your PlayStation. And with it, you’ll be able to prolong its life!