How To Track Another Phone? – A Comprehensive Guide

It is not only something that happens in the movies when someone tracks down a mobile phone’s location. Apps that can monitor the location of a mobile phone are becoming more popular, and many people use them to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their loved ones. Not only that, but companies are also known to deploy phone monitoring on the devices used by their workers.

Now more than ever, comfort and convenience are not the only considerations when it comes to tracking the whereabouts of a mobile phone. Because there is so much violence in the world today, it is important to be aware of the precise position of the members of your family so that you may rest certain that they are not in danger.

When it comes to your spouse, if you have reason to believe that they are cheating on you, one of the best ways to determine whether or not your suspicions are founded is to monitor the whereabouts of their mobile phone. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to monitor their mobile phone position without them being aware of it, which is, by the way, also doable.

However, partners are not the only people who can keep tabs on your whereabouts. Tracking is often used by adversaries and dishonest individuals in order to acquire information and resources that may be used for blackmail. Hackers most often target those working in the business sector. [Citation needed] A virtual private network (VPN) emerges as an ideal option for the protection of your data. The characteristics of VeePN VPN make it possible to encrypt data to protect it from prying eyes. One of the most successful preventative measures is described here.

There are a number of different methods available to you if you are interested in tracking a phone. On the other hand, each approach offers its own set of advantages. Additionally, there are various methods that cannot reveal the whereabouts of another person without letting them know about it.

Finding Someone’s Location By A Cellphone Number?

You would not believe the amount of free services that do number lookups that are accessible on the internet and even in app stores. But in all honesty, does it work? Some people say that it is useful, while others say that it could simply be a scam.

If you believe that you can get an accurate result by monitoring individuals by utilizing any website that appears in the results of your search engine, you need to rethink that belief. Although there are cases in which you may really acquire what you desire, we do not advise doing so. You can wind up disclosing your personal information on the internet if you visit one of these rogue websites since some of them are highly deceptive.

Utilizing a reputable third-party program or website is the most effective technique to hunt down a number you are looking for. We have narrowed down some of the most efficient and trustworthy phone number monitoring apps since there are a lot of them. After that, you will be able to quickly discover a mobile phone number.

A word of caution: before we go on to the next part, you may want to consider purchasing a new low-cost smartphone so that you can get the most out of your location settings.

Methods On How To Track Another Phone

Methods to Track Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

There are a lot of reliable approaches that may be used to pinpoint a person’s position using just their mobile phone number. You have the option of either installing software on your device that can monitor phone numbers or using CNAM lookup to do so. But before we go into it, let us talk about them in depth.

1. Use Localize

Localize is one of the most dependable programs that will assist you in tracking down a person’s whereabouts using just their phone number. Simply input the contact number of the person whose location you want to monitor, and the website will get the information about their whereabouts in a safe manner. After that, Localize will send an anonymous text message to the target number including a link. Once the recipient clicks on the provided link and gives their consent to the location tracking request, only then will tracking commence.

How to use Localize:

  • Go to the
  • In order to create an account, please enter your email address.
  • Enter the phone number that you want to keep track of here.
  • Keep an eye on its current position in real time.

One of the most significant benefits of using Localize is that it is able to monitor more than one phone number at the same time. In addition to that, the program provides you with the possibility of looking up telephone numbers at the same time.

2. Use Native Phone Locator

Utilizing the native tracking software that comes pre-installed on your computer or mobile device is the simplest method. In addition to being easily accessible and offering a comfortable user experience, many of these tools may also be obtained at no cost. Both Android and iOS smartphones come equipped with a native device locator app that may be used in the event that the user’s phone is misplaced, stolen, or otherwise unavailable. On the other hand, you may also use them to monitor the whereabouts of your immediate family members and other loved ones.

“Find My Device” for Android

Find My Device gives you the ability to monitor an Android device from a distant location. It is a component of Google Play Protect that was developed to protect your phone from potentially harmful apps as well as unwanted access. On the other hand, it is incompatible with any version of Android older than 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

How to track another phone (Android) using the Google Find My application:

  1. You may access “Find My Device” by searching for it on the Google Play Store.
  2. Simply install it by tapping on the first search result that appears.
  3. After the installation is complete, go to the Find My Device website and sign in using the Google account that will be used to access the service.
  4. Give location access to the application. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
  5. At long last, you now have the ability to remotely monitor your phone and utilize other services, such as locking and wiping the data on your phone.

In order for the software to successfully track an Android phone, the Google Find My function must already be enabled on the device that you want to monitor. Go to the settings menu on your phone, choose the security option, and then pick Find My Device from the menu that appears. In the end, you need to enable Find My Device by clicking on the toggle button.

A helpful hint: If you are looking for someone in a confined space, you should switch to the Indoor Maps view to improve the precision of your search. Users have the ability to effectively delete data from the device or lock it using the mobile lock screen, which may display personalized messages and numbers.

‘Find My iPhone’ for iOS

The functionality of Find My iPhone is identical to that of Find My Device. It does not function properly on Android, however it does operate without any issues on iPhones. As long as a phone is connected to the internet, it is possible to follow its position, lock it, and even delete the contents of its memory.

Find my iPhone is already included in iOS, so you do not need to download it from the App Store. This is the sole change between the two versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The following steps are required to activate the application:

  1. Proceed to the settings.
  2. Select your name and Apple ID at the very top of the screen.
  3. Click on the Find My button.
  4. Select Find My iPhone, then toggle the switch to turn it on.

You can now track your phone online by going to or by checking in with your iCloud ID from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This feature was previously only available on iOS devices.

3. Install Mobile Tracking App

The use of cell phone tracking makes it possible to monitor the whereabouts of an individual of interest. You may monitor someone is whereabouts without them having any idea if you install a spy software on their phone in a way that is undetectable to them. These phone spying applications monitor almost all actions on the targeted phone, including calls, text messages, the position shown on Google Maps, web browsing history, and social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and others.

4. Use an IMEI Tracker

IMEI tracing is something that can be done by anybody and is known for being hassle-free and easy. International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is what the acronym IMEI stands for. You can do a lot with it because to the unique 15-digit number that it has. One of these things is the recovery of a misplaced or stolen phone.

How to identify a phone’s IMEI:

  1. Visit the Settings menu.
  2. Select General, then About from the menu.
  3. Keep scrolling down until you can see your IMEI, then jot it down.

You may also get this information by simply entering *#06# into the phone, regardless of the model.

How to track another phone using IMEI:

Option 1: Your mobile service provider should be able to locate the phone. You just need to provide them with the IMEI, and then step back and let them do everything else. You could have to wait for a few hours or perhaps a few days, depending on how the firm has communicated its advise.

Option 2: Use a web-based IMEI tracker, which can be accessed using a web browser, or download an IMEI tracker app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (no download needed).

5. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup

Utilizing CNAM search tools on the internet is yet another efficient approach that can be used to discover a person’s location using just their mobile phone number. The CNAM lookup service enables you to determine the location of an incoming caller. Not only that, but it also reveals any and all pertinent information, such as the identity of the owner, the precise location of the city, and the states that a person is in. One drawback, however, is that in order to have access to the information, a nominal price must first be paid.

This approach might have one of the following two disadvantages:

  • CNAM blocker. Because CNAM blockers obscure the caller’s identity and number, you will not be able to determine who is on the other end of the line if the person you are attempting to track down is using one of these devices.
  • Call that was placed by a robot. When an unknown number calls, the caller’s information, including their phone number, is not shown.

Tracking Another Phone Without Them Knowing

  • There is no need for you to engage any government or the target’s cellular service provider in this process.
  • There is a growing trend among parents to install monitoring software on their children’s mobile devices in order to guarantee that their children are safe and do not engage in risky behaviors. They have the ability to take precautions to ensure their safety.
  • It is helpful in situations when someone needs immediate medical attention, finds himself in an unfamiliar location, or is caught up in unlawful behavior.
  • You are able to monitor a phone’s incoming and outgoing calls, as well as its SMS messages, and you can even track the position of the phone in real time.
  • These applications cannot be found by the end user and are thus overlooked by them.

Selecting The Best Mobile Spying Apps


You need to make sure that the mobile spying software you are planning to use is compatible with the operating system of your phone, which might be either iOS or Android if you have an iPhone or an Android device.

Location Tracking

You are able to determine the position of the target phone with the aid of a GPS tracking technology. You may learn the whereabouts of your children or even your colleagues by using a mobile spying tool to monitor the whereabouts of cell phones in a covert manner. Have a look at our ranking of the smallest GPS trackers.

Call Log & SMS Tracking

Call histories and text message monitoring are two of the most useful things that you should search for in a mobile phone spying tool. An sophisticated mobile spying program will enable you to listen in on phone conversations as well as record audio from the phone’s surroundings.

Ability To Work In Stealth Mode

Because it is a surveillance program, it must have the ability to function in a covert manner after the mode has been activated. It ought to be possible for you to install this application on the target device, and you should be able to be certain that it will track someone is phone activities without that person being aware of it.

Price & Quality Co-Relation

You have to realize that a less expensive software will only provide you with features of a lower quality, while a more expensive app will provide you with features of a higher quality. Despite this, it does not imply that you need invest in an expensive monitoring app. If the monitoring program has a lot of useful functions and is worth the money, you should not hesitate to get it.

How To Track Another Phone: Best Apps to Track Someone’s Phone

The following is a list of the best applications for secretly monitoring a person by their mobile phone number:

mSpyBest for Android & iOS Devices
uMobixBest for Kid’s Social Media Monitoring & Tracking
ClevGuardBest Overall
HoverwatchBest for Android, iOS, and Windows
FlexiSpyBest for Employee Monitoring


mSpy is a mobile phone monitoring tool that enables users to actively monitor the mobile phones of other people from a distant location. You will not have any trouble seeing any or all of their messages thanks to this software. You are able to see the current GPS position of the gadget that your friends or partner are using.


uMobix is one of the greatest spy apps available, since it enables users to tap into the mobile device of another person and view their call history. You may get access to the target phone with the assistance of this mobile tracking software.


ClevGuard is a phone monitoring program that enables users to remotely monitor the internet behavior of another user without the target user being aware of it. It has capabilities that enable you to monitor your whereabouts in real time and gives you the ability to access your phone files instantly from any location. You will also be able to set up geofences and get notifications whenever the individual in question enters or leaves the border you define.


You are able to monitor a target device’s text messages, GPS position, call history, and social media communications with the help of Hoverwatch. This program for tracking mobile phones is compatible with a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram.


The phone monitoring program known as FlexiSPY may be installed on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. It gives you the ability to monitor a computer or target phone remotely.

Final Words

Our guide on how to trace the origin and location of a phone number has come to an end. Any one of the applications that we offered ought to get the job done. You might also try using a phone lookup service and entering the phone number to see if you can discover the location for free using that service. However, due to a variety of restrictions, we do not advocate using this technique.

What are your thoughts on the story that we posted? If you have any comments or questions, please leave them down below. We would love to hear from you!