Guide to the Best Nighttime Security Cameras

A security camera’s effectiveness depends on its capacity to view at all times, especially at night. Modern security cameras can not only see at night thanks to infrared, full color, and other night vision technology, but they can also provide sharp, clear video pictures. Images are essential for properly portraying what is occurring in or around your house.

While many security cameras include night vision capabilities, not all are the most effective for meeting your security requirements. We’ve compiled this list of the top five nighttime security cameras after researching dozens of models and some advice to help you choose the ones ideal for your house.

They are thus the best option for outside monitoring, where burglars could attempt to hide when it is dark. To assist you in making an educated selection and selecting the finest nighttime security camera for your unique requirements, we will examine some of the top models currently on the market in this article.

Types of Nighttime Security Cameras

Several varieties of security cameras operate at night, including:

?Infrared Cameras

These cameras can take good pictures even in total darkness because they employ IR illuminators to illuminate the area around them.

?Low-light Cameras

With the help of cutting-edge sensor technology, these cameras can record sharp photographs under moonlight or other low-light situations.

?Thermal Cameras

These cameras can see in total darkness without extra light sources because they employ thermal imaging technology to identify heat signatures.

?Starlight Cameras

With cutting-edge sensor technology, these cameras can take detailed pictures in very dim settings, such as moonlight or street lights.

?Night and Day Cameras

To deliver good photos in any lighting situation, these cameras contain a unique function that automatically shifts between color modes during the day and white and black modes at night.

?Motion-Activated Cameras

To save power & room for storage when nothing occurs, these cameras employ motion sensors to start recording once movement is detected.

What to Search for in a Nighttime Security Camera

One factor to consider when selecting a security camera is the resolution, which should be at least 1080p or higher. A long-range night vision that can see at least 10m distance is another vital feature of a nighttime security camera. It should also be waterproof, which is necessary for an outside camera. Check whether it has an IP65 or above rating to see whether it will be protected.

When deciding between cameras, you should consider if you want a black & white or color camera. Because a black & white camera may capture greater information in low light, color cameras are often used in brighter environments. However, if you want to capture a burglar, color cameras are extremely beneficial for distinguishing a subject’s hair, clothing, or automobile.

Best Nighttime Security Cameras

Lorex 4K Security Camera System

best nighttime security cameras


Lorex manufactures a variety of amazing outdoor security cameras; one of the finest is the Lorex 4K Nighttime Smart IP Camera. The Nocturnal camera, as the name suggests, performs best at night. It has a night vision spectrum of up to ninety feet in absolute darkness and can see as far as 130 feet with ambient lights. That’s remarkable, especially for an outside camera.

This camera has the greatest resolution on our list as well. It recorded 4K HD videos at thirty frames per second. Details are essential with outdoor cameras, so we enjoyed that we could zoom close and still obtain a clear picture. We knew that if there was a break-in, we could utilize the camera video as evidence to track down the perpetrator.

The Lorex 4K Nighttime camera, being an IP camera, requires an NVR to function, which isn’t negative. The NVR functioned as the camera’s local storage, enabling it to capture rolling footage without incurring costly monthly cloud storage costs. Even better, using a Lorex NVR with smart detecting technologies. The camera could distinguish between humans and automobiles and other moving things.

Google Nest Cam

best nighttime security cameras


The Nest Cam is an excellent camera with outstanding video quality. Although it is not 4K camera, it includes HDR, which makes its 1080p High Definition footage more dramatic. HDR is a video enhancement feature that adds life and color to recordings while decreasing glare and accentuating gloomy regions. Even if the camera is pointed toward a window or television, it may remove irritating glares.

The Nest Cam is outfitted with two strong-powered 850nm infrared LEDs. This infrared LED emits more light than another type, which emits light at 940nm. In the case of Nest, the inside camera can see as much as fifteen feet away in complete darkness.

Although not better as Lorex’s outside cameras, the Nest Cameras nighttime range is adequate for an inside camera. You want to go within a reasonable distance with interior camera night vision. Narrower interior places often contain a lot of shiny surfaces that might cause glare if your nighttime vision LEDs are too powerful; thus, in this situation, adequate is preferable.

The Nest Cam’s artificial intelligence was the cherry on top. Because the camera had built-in person identification, we only got alerts for situations that genuinely mattered, such as when people walked by. The camera became even smarter when we eventually chose to subscribe to Nest Aware.

It began to recognize familiar faces, which we subsequently named in the app, and it alerted us to the sound of people chatting and dogs barking, allowing us to create activity zones. We informed the camera which regions were most important to us using the activity zones, greatly decreasing the number of false alerts we got.

Blink Outdoor


The Blink Outdoor is a low-cost outside camera with excellent night vision. It’s also quite simple to set up, owing to its wire-free setup. It is battery-powered, so running power lines around your yard is unnecessary. This also implies that Blink Outdoor may be installed in remote and dark regions where intruders could attempt to hide. This may be an excellent camera to install if you have a large backyard or an outside shed where you store your tools.

Unfortunately, we cannot constantly watch our cameras, particularly at night. The free storage is useful in this situation. Blink doesn’t demand a cloud subscription, unlike most current alternatives. All you need is a USB flash drive & a Sync Module 2, a hub device for Blink cameras. Blink Outdoor may capture, record, and save motion movies locally without recurring monthly fees if you connect it to Sync Module 2.

Despite being battery-powered, the Blink Outdoor only needed a little of our attention. This is due to the battery’s lengthy lifespan, which may last up to two years before being replaced. Although we had to change the Blink Outdoors batteries after a year due to how often we used them during our testing, it is still outstanding.

Arlo Pro 3

best nighttime security cameras


The Arlo Pro 3 included both color and infrared night vision. To make the camera less noticeable and to improve the camera’s night vision range, we chose the infrared option. Regarding color, the Arlo Pro 3 used its in-built 6,500 K floodlight to view objects more clearly. This night vision feature came in handy when we needed to determine the color of the vehicle that was strangely parked outside our house in the middle of the night, in case it was a robber looking over our property.

Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries occur during the day.2 Fortunately, the Arlo Pro 3 recorded crisp daytime recordings in addition to excellent nighttime ones. The Arlo Pro 3 guarded our apartment day & night with a 2560p HD resolution, which is much greater than the industry standard 1080p HD, a 160-degree field of vision, and up to 12x digital zoom.

We could put the Arlo Pro 3 in nearly any place because of its IP65 certification, which indicates that it is sealed tight and protected from dust and water jets. We didn’t need to install a cable to keep it plugged in since it is battery-operated, but we did need to charge the batteries every 3 to 6 months. The Arlo Pro 3 additionally made our list of the top wireless cameras because of these factors.

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera


In a sleek and gleaming white, the Reolink Argus 2 resembled a pill capsule nearly exactly. We immediately noticed how sturdy the camera was, so we weren’t shocked when we saw that it had an IP rating of 65, making it dust-tight & resistant to low-pressure water jets. Except for the camera’s limited operating range of 14 – 131 degrees Fahrenheit, this would have been fantastic for all seasons. The Argus 2 is preferable for someone in a warm environment since Brooklyn seldom experiences temperatures over 100 degrees in the winter. However, Brooklyn does have some extremely chilly winters.

Let’s now discuss power. The Argus 2 has a rechargeable battery and is wireless, but one feature we appreciated was that we may charge it while the batteries were still attached, ensuring that we never had downtime. The alternative, which we did not try, included installing a solar panel to ensure the camera would be charged constantly.

Last, but not least, the Argus 2 included a few useful extras, including a magnetic wall mount, an outside security mount, a tree mount, and a skin for increased weather resistance. Reolink was rather kind in this regard, and we enjoyed setting the security camera outdoors with the tree mount since we are used to receiving fewer mounts when we purchase security cameras. We had happy childhood memories while climbing a tree.

Kasa Indoor Pan


Live Steam with Pan/Tilt from Anywhere: Full HD video in 1080p resolution that is crisp and clear and fits in the palm of your hand. Swipe up, down, left, and right on your phone to rotate and instantly alter your camera’s point of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa as the controller. Wi-Fi is the connectivity protocol.

Motion/Sound Detection in Real-Time: Get notifications on your smartphone anytime there is motion or sound, even at night (30 feet). Turn on patrol mode to make the most of your home nighttime security camera system as a pet camera or nanny cam.

Protect Your Videos The EC70 tiny camera continually captures and retains images or video clips on a local MicroSD card up to 64 GB or via the AWS Cloud. When you sign up for Kasa Care Plan, you may access up to 30 days’ worth of video history and use additional cutting-edge features. There is no need to monitor the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt continuously. Receive automated notifications when motion or sound is detected.

Smart Moves, One of the most easy-to-use security cameras, the EC70 allows you to employ Smart Actions, which lets you design interactions between the camera and other Kasa devices to program your lights to switch on when your camera detects activity.

Voice command, Connect the Kasa wifi camera to an Alexa Echo and Google Assistant for even more user-friendly functionality. Just issue a short voice command to access your live camera stream on Alexa or Google Assistant-compatible devices.

Arlo Ultra 2

best nighttime security cameras


For its steep price, the Arlo Ultra 2 offers two-night cameras. The 180-degree field of view, 300-foot viewing distance, weatherproofing, audio in two ways, 4K video capabilities, infrared night vision, automated tracking, and zooming are all characteristics of this camera.

The camera has two motion detectors with a 150-degree horizontal field of view for added security, and its 8MP image sensor ensures that you always have access to high-quality images. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Arlo Secure plan, which costs $3 for a single camera & $10 for limitless, is the only way to acquire extra security against the theft of locally stored films and unlimited cloud storage for 30 days. Under this package, you can only obtain the 4K image and round-the-clock emergency assistance.

If the battery dies, the camera may be taken out and recharged. On average, the battery can keep a charge for up to six months. It takes only a few hours to recharge once you start charging it fully. The Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa all work with the Arlo Ultra 2.

How to Determine Which Nighttime Security Camera Is Best

A few important criteria must be considered when selecting the finest night security camera. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the finest night security camera for your requirements.

☑️Camera Position

Consider your demands before deciding on the finest nighttime vision security camera. The primary determinant of camera location is purpose. Outdoor cameras are a great way to keep an eye on the regions surrounding your house or place of business and guard against any shady activities.

On the other hand, indoor cameras work better as tools that keep you informed of everything happening within your house. Indoor cameras were about raising awareness, whether keeping an eye on your children or monitoring your pets while you’re gone. When deciding where to put your camera, consider wired and wireless options, particularly if you need to be close to an outlet.


Just as with any purchase, it’s a good idea to consider your budget when selecting a night vision camera. The good news is that getting a high-quality security camera doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars.

Since the nighttime cameras on our list have excellent monitoring capabilities and vary in price from $59.99 to $299.99, you won’t have to sacrifice important features like image quality. High-end cameras will provide more advantages, but less costly choices may assist in safeguarding your house or place of business.

☑️Viewing Area

Consider the size of the region you need to watch before choosing where to put the camera. A security camera’s field of vision is simply the region it can observe, often expressed in degrees. It’s crucial to remember that, depending on security requirements, a broader field of vision may only sometimes be preferable.

A horizontal field of vision of 115 degrees is more suited for limited areas, such as individual rooms or enclosed outdoor spaces. For example, a broader field of view of 140 degrees may be more appropriate when you need to monitor a vast region.

Reasons to Install Nighttime Security Cameras

best nighttime security cameras


Increasing security is the most common justification for installing a nighttime camera. Infrared cameras defend places against crime at night by capturing high-quality video, even in full darkness, whether you want to protect a house or a business building. Installing a nighttime security camera may provide you and your family or workers piece of mind while preventing prospective trespassers or robbers from creating problems nearby.


Numerous nighttime security cameras, including those in our ranks, are reasonably priced and simple to set up and operate. Modern cameras make it simple to bypass the time- and money-consuming procedure of hiring expert installation. Infrared cameras provide a simple security monitoring option, making it easy to ensure the safety of the home & place of business.


Since most criminal activity happens at night, night vision cameras greatly aid local law enforcement in identifying intruders in the event of a break-in. Nobody wants the property to be the scene of criminal activity. Still, in the unfortunate event that it is, the video from infrared security cameras may be crucial in helping you recover items, reduce losses, and capture people misbehaving on or near your property.

☑️Home Connection

We sometimes want to be informed or to have our concerns allayed. Even if we’re away from home, this is achievable thanks to a security camera with night vision. A simple glimpse at a live broadcast might make you feel closer to your loved ones despite the distance if you need to check on your children or want to know what the pets are up to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can nighttime security cameras see?

Security camera systems have varying degrees of night vision. The number of LEDs within the camera, the power of the infrared sensor, and the camera’s overall quality all affect how far cameras can see at night.

How can I make my security camera’s night vision better?

The greatest technique to enhance a security camera’s night vision is to add more illumination to the scene to make it brighter. Leaving the lights on at night or installing motion-activated lights & setting them to turn on anytime movement is sensed are effective ways to do this.

Why are nighttime security cameras typically black and white?

Security cameras with night vision are infrared cameras, and most infrared cameras automatically switch from full color to black & white footage when nighttime illumination conditions are poor. Humans cannot sense infrared light because it does not belong to the electromagnetic spectrum’s color range. However, several of the cameras on this list include color night vision and have stronger, more sensitive picture sensors, enabling them to continue to capture color even in low light.

What should I consider when purchasing a security camera with night vision?

When purchasing a security camera with night vision, several determining variables must be considered. The three key factors—camera positioning, range of view, and budget—were previously mentioned. The installation procedure’s complexity, the camera’s color, and how covert it is may be additional factors to consider.

Night vision cameras what kind of cameras?

A surveillance camera that can see in little or no light is known as a night vision security camera. They often have infrared LED illuminators, which provide the light that the camera can see, even if it is invisible. As a result, the camera can create a crisp picture even in conditions with very little light.

Final Thoughts

A useful tool for ensuring security and monitoring at night is nighttime security cameras. They may give people and companies a high degree of visibility and clarity in low-light situations, allowing them to keep an eye on their property and thwart criminal behavior. The availability, cost, and ease of installation of nighttime security cameras have increased thanks to technological developments, making them a desirable alternative for people and businesses of all kinds. However, it’s crucial to ensure the cameras are responsibly, ethically, and by privacy laws and regulations. Installing nighttime security cameras is a good way to increase evening safety and peace of mind. Do you want to know the best smart space heaters? Click Here!