Fishing Forecast Apps: The Best Ones!

In the past, anglers had to rely on luck and chance to catch any fish. However, with the help of these modern fishing forecast applications, you can consistently anticipate the best places to fish. There are different available fishing forecast apps that you can see in the market. You can get these apps for nothing, but there is always an option to pay for ad-free premium features.

In this post, we will figure out what these fishing forecast applications are all about. How these apps can be beneficial for anglers? And, what features make them stand out!

What Is a Fishing Forecast App?

Anglers, especially those venturing to unfamiliar waters, might benefit in several ways from fishing forecast applications. To assist you in picking the perfect time to go fishing, these apps compile information about the weather, the temperature, and the season. They are also beneficial for identifying the time to go there when to leave, and what to wear.

Apps that predict fishing conditions are helpful since they compile a wealth of information in one location. With its assistance, you can boost your chances of capturing the species you desire in larger numbers and at the best times of the day.

What Makes the Great Fishing Forecast Apps?

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There is no one “best” fishing forecast app because every app is unique. However, the top apps share certain common features. One reason is that they are tailored to anglers and not other types of sportsmen. 

The design and functionality are geared toward facilitating your fish-finding efforts, which is a major benefit. There is also the fact that the top fishing forecast apps provide information that is specific to a given place. The most useful weather data is used by the top fishing forecast apps, which then offer you the information you require. Maps, weather forecasts, logging capacities, and water conditions are all part of this data set.

Moreover, here is a rundown of what fishing apps can do to improve your success. Even though fishing apps are always updating, fish remain the same. These are constants you may use to evaluate fishing apps and find the one that best suits your demands.


The only surefire way to become a better fisherman is by trial and error, although talking to other anglers is a close second. This is why land-based activities, such as baiting hooks, are often overlooked as effective methods of catching more fish. Speaking with more fisherman will help you discover effective fishing techniques more quickly. Still, one must master the art.

Quite a bit of the knowledge you acquire here is the result of years of labor and study. In either virtual or physical settings, the best way to interact with fellow anglers is with real interest. Consider their viewpoint.

To the extent that you believe you can contribute something of value, do so. You aren’t left out of this if you’re a complete newbie. You’ll constantly have a fishing story to give after a trip to the water.

?Geographic Data

There are fishermen who devote their entire lives to mastering the waters of a particular body of water. The time and effort you save by using a fishing forecast apps that includes localized geographic data is well worth the investment.

Anyone unfamiliar with a region can fish it successfully on their first trip out if they have the correct geographic information and sufficiently accumulated fishing data. This is the value of keeping a geographical database. Apps that combine fishing reports with geographical data are a powerful resource for anglers.

?Information on the Weather, Wind, and Water

When out on the water or in the water, you really must be aware of the weather forecast and the current conditions. Aside from the characteristics of life and death, the most important factors in predicting fish behavior are weather and water data. Simply downloading a weather app or looking up the river gauge station that is closest to your desired location is all it takes to get the information you need.

A unified app, however, can reduce the number of steps involved in that procedure to just a few touches on the screen of your mobile device. You can avoid wasting time by looking it up online and instead using a fishing app.

?Information Keeping

Choosing a fishing forecast program that can record and save all the data collected will make the information available much more useful. Keep track of the weather, water, and fishing reports throughout time, and you’ll have a wealth of information at your disposal for future planning. Over time, as you add more and more information to your record or journal, it will become a great resource for you to use.

?Easy Access and Usability

The quality of the user experience provided by an app is crucial to its success. It’s important to remember that a major goal of app development is to facilitate a reduction in workload. Many applications offer the same features, so it is essential to pick one that connects with you intuitively and meets your needs.

Probably the most open-ended aspect of what makes the finest fishing apps is this. Nonetheless, one can very much be objective when discussing subjectivity. Slow-loading websites lose people’s attention within seconds, therefore search engines won’t rank them highly

10 Best Free Fishing Forecast Apps

With the help of fishing forecast apps, anglers may discover productive fishing areas, get knowledge about the best fishing equipment, and discover which baits get the most bites. You can show off your catches to other fishermen, get more information about them, and kill them without causing any discomfort to yourself. Don’t be a savage; instead, consult the selection of excellent fishing applications that follow.

Here is the list of the finest fishing forecast applications that you can download to your phone before heading out to the waters.


Accurate maps as well as weather forecasts help you decide when and where to go fishing. Moreover, the app’s logbook lets you keep track of your catches and the weather circumstances under which you made them. The FishAngler community also allows you to brag about your haul and make new friends.


In terms of fishing forecasting apps, FishBrain is far and away the most widely used, and for good reason: it contains some of the most accurate information available. With over 13 million downloads, this app boasts a massive user base and plenty of fishing data to help you identify the best areas.

The FishBrain app has hundreds of local sites and large fishing holes for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The high-end features and clear visuals of the software make it a breeze to use and understand. And when you identify a catch, the app remembers the exact coordinates so you can go back there later and capture more.


One of the more widely used and highly regarded fishing forecast apps is Fishidy, which boasts a massive database of fishing spots and rivers. Comprehensive local fishing predictions are only one of the many services available for both saltwater and freshwater anglers.

With Fishidy’s coverage of approximately 30,000 identified fishing spots, you’re bound to find at least one that’s convenient to your current location. The app also lets anglers track the locations of successful catches made by other users. Without the app, nobody else would know whenever the fish are biting, so you’d have a significant advantage.


The ANGLR app, which provides fishing forecasts and other useful information, is becoming increasingly popular among anglers. If you’re in a rush to get on the water, you’ll appreciate ANGLR’s cutting-edge features and convenient portability.

The app is simple to operate. Start by activating location services, then traveling to your desired location. Following that, the app will promptly collect and present all the relevant data you require. Information such as the current weather, water temperature, and tidal levels, as well as recommendations from locals, are also in.

5-Deeper Smart Sonar

One such unique piece of software is Deeper, a fishing tool. This app is designed to work with a specific piece of hardware called the Deeper Smart Sonar. Users can determine the water’s current temperature, depth, and bottom structure with this tool. It’s useful for pinpointing prime fishing sites.

However, the software is still useful without those additional bells and whistles. A fish journal or solunar calendar are present depending on your preference. There is also an inclusion of the weather report. With all of these features, the app can easily compete with the other fishing forecast apps. Downloading Deeper is a good idea regardless of whether you plan to purchase the hardware it was designed for.

6-Fishing Knots Lite

It’s wonderful to gain access to almost all fishing knots in existence through a downloadable fishing app. It works even if it’s typically not that difficult to at least gain some internet service to view “Fishing Knot Tying” clips while on the water. The one drawback to this free fishing software is that all instructions are pictures rather than videos, so you can’t see someone tying the knot along with you.

7-Fish Rules

Anglers who are frequently unsure as to what species can be caught, how large a fish can be, or how many fish can be taken at once would benefit greatly from Fish Rules. It’s not always clear what to do, especially since restrictions aren’t set in stone and fish can survive an entire season during which they reproduce or migrate to a new location.

Compliance with the law is simplified using Fish Rules. The software provides a comprehensive breakdown of the catchable fish species. Moreover, it does it in a way that, with the help of your GPS and calendars, you’ll only receive the information you actually need.

8-Fishing Point

Have you ever landed at a fantastic fishing place, only to forget its coordinates the next time you went there? Then you should download this software immediately. If you use Fishing Point, you’ll be able to put money aside and then easily locate your preferred fishing locations

This software uses the GPS functionality of Google Maps to ensure that you are always heading in the proper direction. You may also use Fishing Points to keep track of your catches, as well as check the weather and tides, and get solunar data and predictions. 

Regarding the latter, you can supplement your records with a photograph, as well as measurements of both length and height. And the rest of the information is automatically logged by the program.

Pro Angler is one of the best fishing forecast apps

9-Pro Angler

Another app for saltwater anglers is Pro Angler. It details the best places to find fish, the baits that will attract them, and the techniques anglers can use to reel them in. About 350 different types of saltwater fish are fully described. One can use them to identify the species of fish they have caught, while the other can be used to learn how to better catch specific fish.

In the event that you are concerned that the size of your catch may violate local, state, or federal laws, the app provides you with the resources you need to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Additionally, equipment is available in the event that you need to take cover from terrible weather.


Extreme conditions and a wide range of marine life make deep-sea fishing a difficult endeavor. A FishTrack app is a great tool for deep-sea fishing, as it delivers a wealth of information to aid in the search for fish.

In other words, if you’re looking for a fishing forecast app, FishTrack has everything you could want built in. Monitoring sea temperatures are included since it is a useful indicator of when and where fish will be found. For offshore fishing, it keeps tabs on the weather, a crucial factor.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Do any of the fishing forecast apps cost anything?

It’s common for fishing forecast apps to be free, although the better ones do cost money. Many fishing forecast apps offer a free version with limited functionality. For a small fee, users may remove ads and and unlock a slew of new, premium options.

In this program, the overwhelming bulk of functionality can be used with the free version. You’ll need to pay more to get access to the finer points, but many people agree that the cost is well worth it.

Q: Do weather prediction apps help fishermen find fish?

There is no assurance that using a fishing forecast app will increase your catch rate. They do not perform fish monitoring or take live readings. Instead, they draw up maps of places with favorable circumstances for catching fish.

Nearly everyone acknowledges that fishing success can be improved by simply being in the correct spot at the right time. The design of the fishing forecast applications aims to assist anglers to anticipate where fish will be and be ready for whatever they may encounter.

Q: Can I use an app to figure out when to go fishing?

Definitely. The optimal moment to fish in any given area may be determined with pinpoint precision. Some fishing apps employ the theory that the movements of all wild animals are synchronized with the sun’s position and moon.

Q: Is it possible to get specialized apps for various forms of fishing?

Without a doubt! A wide variety of fishing-centric apps exist. For saltwater fishers, Pro Angler is the best fishing app so far.

Summing Up

You can’t help but notice the steady stream of new free fishing applications, whether you’re the world’s most wired fisherman or go fishing to disconnect from your inbox. Although some of these may not directly increase your catch rate, they might save you a lot of time, which is always a plus.

Thank you for taking the time to read our brief overview of 10 best fishing applications that you may not be familiar with. To that end, we’d love to hear your ideas, suggestions, and feedback regarding any further fishing apps that should be added to our list.