What is Better than Netflix: Other Ways to Live Streaming!

According to Netflix’s most recent earnings call, a total of 200,000 users canceled their subscriptions throughout the first quarter. Lots of subscribers are looking at what is better than Netflix. According to Netflix’s projections, the company would lose over 2 million users in the second quarter of 2022. Experts say people are looking for alternatives … Read more

AirPods Wired vs Wireless – Which is Better?

airpods wired vs wireless (featured image)

AirPods are popular wearable technology that lets you to music and audio on the go. And since its first release in 2016, they’ve improved the device more and more. Now, you have the choice of AirPods wired vs wireless. Choosing between wireless and wired AirPods can be challenging. After all, they don’t have many differences! But despite … Read more

How to Write a Discord Bot: Check Here!

Discord is widely used because of its strong bot-programming capabilities and its ability to facilitate real-time communication. From helping with moderation to providing entertainment and information, and even taking payments, discord has a variety of purposes. As we go along with this article, we will discover what are discord’s user interface (UI) and its application programming … Read more

Can You Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Ps4

Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Ps4

Contrary to popular belief, Sony’s PS4 is compatible with a mouse and keyboard. This expedites typing, web browsing, and general navigation. Using a computer mouse and keyboard is an option in several games. Unfortunately, most games still do not work with a mouse and keyboard. Third-party PS4 controllers are expensive, and there aren’t any great … Read more

Discovering What Tools Do HVAC Techs Use

Have you thought about whether you have all you need to properly do HVAC service? The duties of an HVAC technician include those of a plumber, a refrigerant specialist, and an electrician, among others. Therefore, it is necessary to know what tools do HVAC techs use, from basic and inexpensive to sophisticated and specialized. If … Read more